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Emerge2 Digital - Social Media Services

Emerge2 is often asked to help an organization get set up on various social networking platforms (e.g. a Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Profile, Foursquare).

To get you started, we can create and configure the accounts for you with the required photos, links and information about your organization, and then hand them over to you to use (and we can also assist you after setup -- your choice). We are here to help.

Each organization's needs are different; however, our Social Media Setup services include the following and can be requested using the below form. Want to talk? Call Monica at 1-888-242-5453.

Social Media Setup Services


Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn:

Most of the work is performed for the first platform.

First platform: $250

Each additional platform: $85





  1. To only setup a Facebook Page would be $250
  2. To only setup a Twitter Account would be $250
  3. To setup a Facebook Page and Twitter Account (in the same request) would be $335 ($250 + $85)
  4. To setup a YouTube Account would be $250 regardless of any other setups performed at the same time

Request for Setup Service

(check all that apply, often all are requested)

(* indicates a required field.)


  1. You will need to provide Emerge2 with some digital photos of your organization (e.g. pictures of the outside of your building, inside pictures, staff photos, etc.) and your existing logo image. The more photos / options that you provide, the easier it will be to select which photos to use online. Based upon what you provide, we will create the required images in their required sizes for each of the destination platforms.
  2. You will also need to provide the details of your organization (e.g. full name of organization, full postal address, phone number, fax, public contact email address, website address, existing logo image(s), etc.), and a short description of what your organization does or is known for, or services/products provided. However, if this information is already on your website, we can obtain it from there.
  3. We will provide you with a list of what is needed -- Don't worry about it now.
  4. Sales taxes extra.

This Social Media Setup service is separate from other social media services such as the creation of a social media strategy, creation of a social media policy for employees, setup of social media monitoring (e.g. who is saying things about our organization), assisting with the execution or operation of a social media strategy, and other related services. Emerge2 also provides these services.

Social Media Set Up Social Media Management