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Social Media Management

"78% of small business gain at least 1/4 of new customers through social media."

Don't have time? Don't know how? Don't worry! We make it easy!

We research, create and schedule posts for your Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for you. Browse through the chart below to see which program best suits your business' needs and sign up right now!

Social Media Management - just one of the many ways Emerge2 helps you build sales, build relationships & build your brand.

Let's Talk! Call Monica at 1-888-242-5453 or click sign up below.

  • Raw Content Provided by Emerge2

    Raw Content Provided by You

  •  Features

    • Sites included:
    • Research ?
      Emerge2 researches new/current industry-related information for posts
    • Posting ?
      Emerge2 creates 8 posts/month based upon our research
    • Tracking?
      Emerge2 creates trackable links for each post (used for analytics)
    • Images?
      Emerge2 sources and resizes images for each post
    • Response?
      Comment responding
    • Spam Removal
    • Schedule?
      Emerge2 schedules periodic release of the posts
    • Posting?
      Emerge2 creates up to 8 posts/month based upon content provided by you each month. For the Professional plan, this is up to 8 ADDITIONAL posts based upon content provided by you.
    • Tracking?
      Emerge2 creates up to 8 trackable links for the posts based on your content (used for analytics)
    • Images?
      Emerge2 resizes up to 8 images, provided by you, for the posts based upon your content
    Pricing per month
  • Emerge2Basic

    • FacebookTwitter
    $200 per month
  • Best Value!


    • FacebookTwitter
    $250 per month
  • Emerge2Professional

    • FacebookTwitter
    $375 per month
  • Emerge2Custom

    • FacebookTwitterYouTubePinterestLinkedIn
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The Basic, Standard & Professional Packages include posting the content to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, customized to each platform's unique requirements.

  • Basic Package

    Your Content + Our Expertise
    Emerge2 will take content and resources provided by you and turn it into quality eye-catching posts with industry-standard keywords for maximum outreach.
  • Best Value Standard Package

    Research, Post and Track on your Behalf
    Emerge2 will research relevant industry-related content, create and post quality eye-catching content throughout each month with industry standard keywords for maximum outreach.
  • Professional Package

    Our Research and Posting + Additional Content From You
    The Standard Package PLUS up to 8 additional posts per month created by Emerge2 from content provided by you (up to 16 posts/month).
  • Custom Package

    The Sky's the Limit  
    Emerge2 will make a custom plan for multiple social media platforms. This includes researching industry-related content, monthly calendars and a customized number of posts created

P.S. Don't have social media accounts set up yet? We can do that too! Sign up here.

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