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Online Marketing"7 out of 10 purchases today are influenced by the web & social media."

In order to drive consumers to your website it is important this campaign have longevity. We believe there is a correlation between increased website traffic and increased sales.

Our Goal for Your Online Marketing Program:

  • Increase your sales
  • Grow your market
  • Build your brand


  • You determine sale pricing for up to 8 products per month (provide promotions in advance)
  • We create your product promo slideshow images, install them on your home page & link them
  • If you have an online catalog that supports featured products, we will set the sale price on your selected products and enable them as featured products as well

Web Solutions

  • Monthly Slideshow: You need to promote your Brand online! Start with monthly store promotions to attract your customers to your website. Select up to 10 products you want to promote each month and Emerge2 will create a highly visible, high impact slideshow promoting your monthly specials.
  • If you have an Orgill Boost catalog, Emerge2 will link the relevant slideshow images to the product in your catalog, and will also set these products as "Featured Products" on your catalog landing page.
  • Once every 6 months, you provide Emerge2 with the products you wish to promote for each of the upcoming 6 months along with the sale price of each. Leave the rest of us!


Price: $250/month (**)


  • We source photos & articles for industry related content & store promotions each month as required
  • 16 Social Media Posts (8 on Facebook, 8 on Twitter; industry info, helpful tips, keep your online presence fresh) $250/mo
  • 1 Pinterest Board/month on a relevant topic (approximately 25 Pins/Board) $360/mo
  • Online Advertising (includes up to $500 of advertising across Facebook & Twitter) $750/mo
  • Add the Online Advertising to a "Sales" Pinterest Board $125/mo (requires above $750/mo service)

85% of sales are influenced by Social Media in one way or another

  • Maximize your Facebook and Twitter Presence. Emerge2 will design a professional Facebook Page and Twitter account including a large cover photo, categorization and description of your business and services, and create initial posts to inform your customers about your products and services.
  • If you already have these accounts, Emerge2 can review and enhance your online social media presence.
  • Ongoing Posts! Emerge2 will source photos and articles for industry related content, store promotions, or local events. Each month, we'll post industry content to your Facebook Page and Twitter account (8 to Facebook and 8 to Twitter for a total of 16 posts).

Online Advertising

  • Each month we'll include up to $500 of paid ads on Facebook and Twitter. Emerge2 will micro-target your audience by location, age, and interests. We'll select the topic and create the ad in accordance with best practices for each platform (Facebook, Twitter). Ads may include both images and promotional content.
  • The goals: support your monthly store promotions, drive traffic to your website, drive more customers into your store, build an online relationship with your target audience.
  • A word on micro-targeting. Facebook and Twitter offer a unique rifle approach to targeting your potential customers. Compared to radio, newsprint, and TV, social media advertising allows us to reach out and target customers by age, location, and interests and such targeting goes beyond your current followers to all online users of the platform that fit your targeting criteria, within your ad budget. That means, we can target your message to consumers who have an interest in your products and services.


Good Value (Social Media Posts & Online Advertising): $1,000/month (**)

Let's Get Started

(* indicates a required field.)

(**) Notes: All monthly recurring fees are invoiced and payable quarterly in advance. It takes a while to build up an online presense and for substantial results to be realized. Therefore, the initial program should run for 6-12 months.