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Email MarketingEmail Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective ways to market your store, your products, your services and your promotions.

An email list is a direct line to your customer. These are customers who have given you permission to let them know about your monthly promotions, your services, why you exist to serve them.

It is one of your most cost effective ways to reach your customers.

Ask Emerge2 how we can help you build your email list.

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Setup to Accumulate Email Address on your Mailing List

  • Create and configure your mailing list
  • Create and configure a Subscribe Form and add it to your website including creation of a subscribe page if required
  • Create subscribe Confirmation page #1 to be displayed after people enter their email address into the subscribe form, telling people to check their email for a confirmation message.
  • Create subscribe Confirmation page #2 to be displayed after people click the link in the confirmation message to thank people for subscribing.
  • Create and configure an Unsubscribe form and add it to your website
  • Configure an unsubscribe Confirmation page.
Setup Custom Email Message Template

The email message template will be used by each email message you send to your mailing list over time. It only needs to be setup once. We will include your logo, the main colours from your website, etc. to retain your branding, plus a message footer with links to your website and any social media accounts.

Send a Message to your Mailing List
  • Obtain content from you and add it into into the email message template
  • Find, format, size and add any supportive photo(s)
  • Test and adjust message settings and styling.
  • Distribute the message to your mailing list.
$250-350* per message, plus usage fee**
* These price estimates are based upon the configuration of basic subscribe/unsubscribe forms, a basic email message template and basic message content. Larger or more complicated layouts or forms will consume more time resulting in a higher price. We will advise you if your request exceeds the basic pricing listed here. Importing a list of existing email addresses is extra and such email addresses must be Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) compliant.
** The usage fee will be billed by the email marketing service provider directly to your credit card. It is typically 1.5 cents per recipient email address, or less if email credits are purchased in larger quantities (e.g. for a campaign of multiple messages).

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